Shoes are required for all classes.


Child classes builds the child’s confidence in balance, core muscles, coordination, and safety.  Most importantly they will build skills as individuals and gain friendships with their fellow classmates encouraging them to do their absolute best!  Slowly they will learn how to properly conquer the obstacle courses with ease and have fun all the while.

Age 4-7

……$165 for 8 week classes. One class per week, one open gym session included.


Teen classes will be based on safety, balance, calisthenics, jumping, coordination, and upper body mechanics.  As each class passes, they will increase their strength, stamina, and progress to the more difficult obstacles.  As an individual, they will learn self-motivation, confidence, and build bridges with their fellow classmates.

Age 8-13
Age 14-17

……$195 for 8 week classes. One class per week, unlimited open gym sessions included.


Adult classes offers an introductory course in stretching, balance, safety, and core muscles.  After the basic fundamentals, they will slowly learn the techniques and develop the strength and endurance to overcome each obstacle in the facility.

Ages 18+

……$250 for 8 week classes. Two classes per week, unlimited open gym sessions included.


Open Gym Days Only

Kids 13 and under…… $40

Adults…… $50/month



10 visit Fun Punch Pass 

Kids 13 and under…… $100

Adults…… $130

Kids and Adult…… $115


Basic Party – $250 (see Events for details)

Supreme Party – $325 (see Events for details)

$100 non-refundable deposit required for all birthday party packages.

Any member under the age of 14 must be enrolled in classes for instructions on safety and technique before using the obstacles or equipment to prevent injury.  Everyone who enters the facility MUST sign a Waiver form or have a parent/guardian sign the Waiver.  We recommend waivers be signed online in order to expedite the process at the facility.  Please read all of the waiver in its entirety and bring in the necessary signed forms from the waiver.  If any one is under the age of 18, you will need to have a parent/guardian fill out the waiver.

Waiver and Release Form 


Hi! For all of you inquiring for the next 8 week ninja warrior session, here are the dates/times/days. Please review the times and choose the class that works with your schedule.

Monday March 4 – April 29 Age Group
1:00pm-1:55pm Beginner 4-7
2:00pm-2:55pm Intermediate/Intermediate Plus 4-7
4:30pm-5:25pm Beginner 4-7
5:30pm-6:25pm Beginner 8-15
6:30pm- 7:25pm Intermediate/Intermediate Plus 4-7
7:30pm- 8:25pm Intermediate/Intermediate Plus 8-15
Tuesday March 5 – April 30 Age Group
10:00am-10:55am Morning Ninjas 8-15
4:30pm-5:25pm Intermediate/Intermediate Plus 4-7
5:30pm-6:25pm Advanced 8-15
6:30pm-7:25pm Comp Class 13U, 15U & Amateur
7:30pm-8:25pm Elite 8-15
8:30pm-9:25pm Adults Adults
Wednesday March 6 – May 1 Age Group
1:00pm-1:55pm Beginner 8-15
2:00pm-2:55pm Intermediate/Intermediate Plus 8-15
4:30pm-5:25pm Comp Class 7U-11U
5:30pm-6:25pm Beginner 8-15
Thursday March 7 – May 2 Age Group
4:30pm-5:25pm Beginner 4-7
5:30pm-6:25pm Intermediate/Intermediate Plus 8-15
6:30pm-7:25pm Advanced 8-15
7:30pm-8:25pm Elite 8-15
8:30pm-9:25pm Coach’s Training  
Saturday March 9 – May 4 Age Group
8:00pm-8:55pm Morning Conditioning 8-15

Classes are $165 per person plus a one time $25 enrollment fee. If there are siblings, the second child receives a 10% discount. You may register over the phone (405) 664-2660 or email Payments can be made by cash or check. (If payment is made by credit card, add 3% fee). If you have any questions, please feel free to call (405) 664-2660.