Dedrien Nowden is a sports performance coach and trainer for ARC.  Dedrien’s philosophy is there is an inner athlete that lives inside everyone, and it’s his job to motivate clients to unlock their physical potential. He has trained a range of clients, including weekend warriors, desk jockeys, the elderly, and professional athletes. His programming style is sport specific, strength and conditioning, with a mixture of HIIT. Dedrien likes his clients to have fun, enjoy the process, and develop and intrinsically motivated relationship with exercise.

Dedrien attended University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) and earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  I have coached many athletes of all ages and skill experience if you want to have a fresh perspective on health and wellness.  He was a three-sport standout in high school playing football, track, and wrestling.  During his time at UCO, Dedrien played football at for two years as a cornerback before tearing his ACL. This ignited a passion within him to help young athletes develop habits to help mitigate injuries, improve performance, and build confidence in themselves. He hopes to use his knowledge and experience to help individuals reach their potential no matter what fitness level they start.

In his free time, Dedrien enjoys a number of activities outside of the professional training world including: playing video games, cooking, educating himself in multiple expertise, and being outdoors with Audrey in nature. 


  • Olympic Lifting
  • Speed and Agility
  • Sport-specific Training
  • General Strength Training
  • Mobility